Natak Pictures is set to release its upcoming short film ‘Right Away’. After the release of its last film ‘Unarranged’, which was one of the most trending short films on YouTube in 2017, Natak Pictures is now coming up with a fresh packet of joys and tears. The new short will be the sixth film by Natak pictures and will be released on Nov 18, this year.


Moving with time, the studio has tried to generate relate-able content by spinning the stories of its short films around simplest of topics that have the potential to be of utmost appeal to the audience. And the teaser of ‘Right Away’, a story that revolves around online dating, seems to promise the same.


The beautifully edited teaser gives a glimpse of what can be expected from the film. The beginning, where the male protagonist expresses his plight on his relationship with a girl, he met through an online dating app, to the last scene, where he is helplessly running on the roads, the enigma builds up to the peak with the teaser. The glimpses of the beautiful female lead are intriguing and will leave the audience wanting for more.