It also creates a win-win situation because no matter where they are, fans can view and interact with the artistes, at the same time, advertisers can hinge on this interactive platform to promote their products or services. For example, a KFC sponsored Mahjong competition was broadcasted live, where artistes munched fried chicken. The viewers enjoyed watching the game while the artistes successfully helped the sponsor promote the product by reaching their target audience.

Another featured functionality allows fans sing karaoke with their favourite artistes. Simply by purchasing virtual coins, audience can sing “side-by-side” with an artiste for up to three times and then keep the best version. They can also comment on live broadcasts and send virtual hearts or flowers to their idols.


The big big channel has adopted plentiful methods to extend the influence of the content originated from TVB to younger consumers with less interest in traditional television. The platform features exclusive spin-off content from on-air programmes like ‘The Taxorcist Sidequel – Chapter One’. Young consumers with less interest in traditional television may watch the exclusive spin-off content on big big channel and become interested in the content aired on television. Short form videos could attract them to watch TV series again.


Before long, this all-in-one multimedia application will be capable for more content marketing and innovative digital experience. The integrated solutions available in big big channel will include social-attainment video production, artiste/KOL generated content, customised product placement, extended reach from digital world (social media & mobile app, etc) to on-air, live chats with TVB artistes and KOLs through big big channel app and tailor-made extra chapter of dramas.