Animasia Studio scores multiple global sales

Animasia Studio’s Harry & Bunnie and Chuck Chicken scores multiple global sales.

Animasia Studio Chuck Chicken Harry & Bunnie multiple global sales

Sasbadi Holdings has been developing in-house technologies to provide digital education solutions as well as to complement its print publishing business since 2011. Just like many of the Group’s titles, the “Chuck Chicken” line of books by Sasbadi Holdings will also include innovative technologies like Augmented Reality and games as added value.

Riding on the preparation wave of World Cup 2018, Bola Kampung, a brand created by Animasia Studio since 2010, has successfully signed to Yes Kidz channel (Israel). A story about a football club formed by a bunch of village kids, the 2D animated 78 x 22’ Sports Action series is scheduled to be on-air in Israel in January 2018. Another popular soccer-themed series, Supa Strikas (65 x 22’, Season 1-5), has successfully reached out to more than 130 countries worldwide. Mediacorp Suria channel (Singapore) has recently picked up Season 4 & 5 of the show, the viewers can catch the actions starting from December 2017 all the way to the World Cup 2018 season. The series is already in more than 130 countries worldwide, and growing.

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