London –Ultimate Football Fan (UFF) is bringing a variety of fan based football content to MIPCOM 2017. It is seeking a distributor for a long-form reality show, called Blud Bruvvas, based on the formation of the Arsenal Fan TV Football Club by Robbie Lyle, the founder and creator talent behind Arsenal Fan TV. UFF will also be speaking to broadcasters who are seeking fan based football content from across the world for their schedules next summer during the World Cup.


UFF is a new digital football platform and content hub that unites football fans with some of the world’s most influential vloggers. The explosion of fan based channels across the YouTube landscape is one of the fastest growing sectors in media and has attracted investment from Liberty Media and Turner Broadcasting.


Robbie Lyle runs Arsenal Fan TV, one of YouTube’s largest football fan channels, with an average viewing audience of 23million views per month. Together with UFF, Robbie is now filming the eventful road to creating the Arsenal Fan TV Football Club. A 24 minute format made for broadcast and online television, Blud Bruvvas is UFF and Robbie’s first reality format production, bridging the gap between traditional and new media channels. The first season will have eight episodes and will be available in early 2018.


Robbie Lyle, founder of Arsenal Fan TV, said: “It is amazing to be working with UFF on our first reality format. People told me a channel about football fans would never work and now Arsenal Fan TV is one of the biggest fan channels in the world.  I am very excited to see what we can do next.”