Bangkok, Thailand – At its 2017 edition in November, some of the highlights of SIGGRAPH Asia include a spotlight on production teams from some of the world’s leading studios, including Pixar, as well as films released in 2017, such as Blade Runner 2049, along with the SIGGRAPH Pioneers Group.

The exciting line-up of Featured Sessions and Programs includes The Making of Pixar’s “Coco”by Pixar Animation Studio’s production team , How Real-Time Graphics Helps Pixar Make Feature Films, by Pixar Animation Studio’s Senior Graphics Software Engineers, Pol Jeremias-Vila, and David G Yu, who will demonstrate how Pixar applies real-time graphics in animation , The Making of Thor: Ragnarokby the production teams from Marvel Studios, Framestore, Method Studios, and Industrial Light & Magic, who will share they brought Ragnarok to life; Blade Runner 2049: A Framestore Case Studby Richard Hoover, VFX Supervisor, Framestore.

SIGGRAPH Asia’s keynote speakers are Albert Yu-Min Lin and Michael Cohen. Albert Yu-Min Lin is an award-winning Explorer of the National Geographic Society, and the Co-Founder and Chief Science Officer at Planet3. During his talk, Seeing a Human Frontier, will regale his fascinating career of merging satellite, aerial, and geophysical sensing with immersive virtual reality visualizations to explore some of humanity’s greatest archaeological stories, along with his personal experience of becoming partially bionic.

Michael Cohen, Director of the Computational Photography Group at Facebook, will discuss how Facebook’s Computational Photography Team is incorporating 3D and virtual reality applications into the social media platform to enhance how we share photos and videos.