“What this does for our advertisers and partners are limitless,” said Airin on the potential growth of both the TonTon streaming service and its reach and reception.

Outdoor Channel Asia is loaded with a first run and exclusive combination of action, adventure and survival and entertainment programming through the eyes of many great outdoor personalities. Key shows that TonTon customers will soon be able to enjoy shows like “Carter’s W.A.R.”, “Wardens,” “Trev Gowdy’s Monster Fish”, “Gold Fever”, “Dropped”, “Alaska’s Wild Gourmet”, “Madfin Shark” and “The Obsession of Carter Andrews”.

Gregg Creevey, Managing Director of Multi Channels Asia said: “We are ecstatic that our partnership with TonTon opens up a brand new channel for Malaysians to have access to our exclusive content, especially those that have a passion and aspiration for the outdoor lifestyle.”

TonTon’s OTT platform, offers linear channels and over 30,000 hours of catch-up and premium video content, which includes the latest dramas up to 6 months before TV, talk shows, and movies made in Malaysia. With more than 7 million users to date, 80% of its offerings are local content. TonTon continues to add over 22,000 new members weekly.