“We are excited to team up with a leading company in Propagate,” said Brett Clarke, Chief Commercial Officer for Nitro Circus.  “With their innovative creative vision and global industry relationships, they are the perfect partner as we continue to grow our global audience and distribute our extensive television content to international viewers.”


Among the programs from Nitro Circus that Propagate will represent are three series, “Nitro Circus Crazy Train,” “Nitro Circus Live,” and “Nitro World Games: All Access.” The catalogue also features six documentaries, “Revolution Day: The Chase for the Biggest Trick in Action Sports History,” “Road to the Unthinkable: The Quest for the First Motorcycle Triple Backflip,” “Biggest Week in Action Sports,” “Never Say Can’t: The Bruce Cook Story,” “Never Say Can’t – Festival Cut,” and “Nitro World Games: Rewind.”  TV Specials include, “Road to the Nitro World Games,” “Nitro World Games,” and “Best of the Nitro World Games.”