One the other hand, DTR has provided its customers with a wide choice of online and mobile recommendation services.The Interactive MOOLT project was started out to create educational mobile apps out of the most popular cartoon series broadcast by DTR. The experts have created eight interactive apps that are available and well-rated in the both the most popular mobile operating systems, iOS and Android. The apps have reached more than 10 million downloads in the domestic market and benefit of a 2 million customers audience per month.


Up to now, we have decided not to develop games and solutions for gaming consoles because several market assessments proved that there is no demand for these products by the national consumers.


Kids’ television in our country is generally witnessing a rapid development. As far as DTR is concerned, according to the analysis of media measurement data (TNS) in March 2017, our cartoon channel MOOLT grows at a record pace. We estimate that the growth will be organic throughout 2017 and if the achieved indicators remain stable, we assume that MOOLT will be the leading cartoon channel in the Russian television market at least within the next five years.


In addition to that, DTR disposes of plenty of modern research tools and practices for both the domestic and international market. The MOMRI Institute focuses on analysing modern media consumption for three population targets – children, adolescents and the generation of 46+ – both on the foreign and Russian markets, whereas the Analytical Centre ACSM takes care of studying the pay TV sector and the consumption of pay TV channels overall. Therefore, as a short-term goal, DTR envisages to actively increase its competence in the domain of collection and analysis of Big Data so to remain ahead of its competitors.


The main goal is to repeat the success of last MIPCOM and MIPJunior, when our cartoon series “Be-be-bears” and “Fairy Patrol” were ranked in the list of the top-30 most popular programmes worldwide, and therefore to boost our international profile, strengthen our existing partnerships and get in touch with new interlocutors. This year, MIPCOM is kindly giving us the opportunity to premiere the first episode of our new kids’ fantasy series ‘Heroes of Envell’.



In the near future, the video consumption in digital environments is expected to increase both on pay TV and through various OTT services on desktop and mobile environments. Likewise, competition among products targeted on the 18-34 age range will sharply increase, not only for TV programs but also for interactive games and educational mobile apps that address the young audience and permits the broadcasters to monetize their brands.


Concerning digital television, already the 75% percent of Russian households have a pay TV connection, which entails that growth reserves in new households is almost exhausted. However, this market saturation will be compensated by a growing tendency to have more than one TV per family, e.g. when parents decide to buy their children a personal TV.