Paris – Cyfrowy Polsat Group, Poland’s leading media and telecommunications group, signed a long-term contract with Eutelsat Communications for the lease of multiple transponders. The agreement covers the extension of existing capacity and expansion at the HOTBIRD video position. This new contract for capacity at Poland’s most popular video neighbourhood consolidates a collaboration that began in 1992 with the launch of Polsat, Poland’s first commercial channel, on a Eutelsat satellite.

The new contract adds 33 MHz to the capacity already used at the HOTBIRD position by Cyfrowy Polsat, Poland’s largest satellite platform and pay-TV operator and TV Polsat, the leading commercial broadcaster in Poland. The capacity will support the continued expansion of digital entertainment services and raise the bar for enhanced image quality. TV Polsat provides 24 popular channels under its brand and Cyfrowy Polsat offers approximately 180 channels, including over 80 in HD, in 4.8 million pay-TV subscriptions.