I believe, from a global perspective, the television industry is
seeing the co-existence of both radical progress and nostalgia
in entertainment. This trend, to a certain extent, is also being
reflected in China.

We have seen the emergence of shows featuring apps to allow
simultaneous home participation, as new technology re-shapes
the way people consume entertainment and TV executives
overcome their fear that new media is a monster devouring
traditional media.

However, it is fair to say that none has proved to be a phenomenon or the next big thing,
demonstrating that technology alone is not a magic bullet and that characters and storytelling
remains the core of a programme.

As the largest and most distinctive market in the world, China’s media industry is undergoing
a fundamental transformation that has attracted the world’s attention. Following the influx of
foreign formats and other genres over the past two years, new regulations have been put in
place limiting the number of formats each broadcaster can buy from abroad.