We are talking about 2 brand-new projects for MIPCOM: Light My Fire and DNA-Adventure. The first one is a cutting-edge and impressive social experiment about the world of sex: for the very first time we can measure “scientifically” the sexual excitement of the contestants, thanks to the “arousal meter”, a special device that has been realized and will be shown in Cannes. The second is the only genetic testing adventure show and is about the genetic heritage of a VIP: on demand we can provide, through a special test, the genetic map of whoever is interested.

The other formats are distributed by different International Distributor. Mediaset Distribution is in charge of the quiz show On your skin, a daily stripped game show aired in Italia with 500 episodes in access prime time and with a great visual impact, because the answers and the sums of money are “hidden” in a part of the bodies of 10 charming models (female and male) as the answers are written on the skin, in an original and explosive mix of body painting, fashion and quiz. Uncover the model and find the right answer. The format will be pitched and distributed in Latam by Fly Content TV while Bic Format keeps the rights for the rest of the world. The other new format is GOLD is a brand-new, spectacular game show, the only one in the world where the contestants win real gold coins!” The format is distributed by Intermedya, the Turkish company who recently opened a format division beside the successfully arm of scripted series.