Amazon Prime Video welcomes its superhero series with Amazon Original, The Tick! Watch the bright-blue, preternaturally verbal superhero, save the world with his moth-suit clad sidekick, Arthur Everest. Starring Peter Serafinowicz as The Tick and Griffin Newman as his nerdy accountant sidekick Arthur Everest, the series is created by Ben Edlund.

In a workaday world where superheroes fly among us, mild-mannered accountant Arthur Everest suspects The City is controlled by a fabled villain known as The Terror, despite evidence of The Terror’s death 15 years ago.  Arthur has a traumatic connection with The Terror, whose movements he has obsessively tracked since childhood.  Arthur’s sister, Dot, is a paramedic who dotes on her brother but also provides a sibling’s tough love. The more he talks about super-villain super-conspiracies, the more she warns him to “keep it real.”


Fate soon brings Arthur together with a tall, verbally adroit muscleman with superpowers and a mysterious past The Tick (peter serafinowicz). This “humble, blue avenger” is a big riddle to everyone who meets him—and sometimes to himself. He’s here to fight for justice, but isn’t always sure how. The Tick sees a hero in Arthur.  Bursting with relentlessly original storylines and quotable dialogue, The Tick shows what a blast crusading for truth and justice can be.  Our culture is now awash with self-serious mythologies and grimly determined, interchangeable characters filling not just franchises but entire universes. The time has come for The Tick.