Madrid – Featuring the inspiring journeys of five transgender athletes and how sport helped them find their true identities, Identify, the new original series from the Olympic Channel, profiles athletes who are making their mark in the sports world. The five-episode docu-series premieres on Wednesday, 28 June, and is available worldwide exclusively on the Olympic Channel digital platform mobile app and at


Athletes Chloe Anderson (volleyball player), Schuyler Bailar (swimmer), Harrison Browne (hockey player), Pat Manuel (boxer) and Chris Mosier (triathlete) each share their personal stories of the challenges and triumphs they’ve endured while facing gender and identity issues in their desire to compete.


“At the end of the day, I’m just a person that loves volleyball, and I want to play it,” said Anderson. “I just love the sport that I play, and I want to try and continue to do it, so I just keep pushing to make sure I do.”