Andrej: To date, STN’s list of clients mainly consist of TV & Radio channels and a small portion of Data services. Currently, we do not experience particular or new competition from telecommunication service providers other than what has always been. This is due to the nature of their beginnings and the current extent of the cabling infrastructure in the more developed regions such as America and Western Europe. However, in more recent times we are seeing the development of more sophisticated technologies which enable telecoms to reach customers faster and to offer a wider range of services as ever before. Being a global provider and our flexibility, we can easily and quickly re-focus our business in other regions where terrestrial Global satellite feed infrastructure is less or practically none existent or not as widely spread as in America or Europe. Based on the current market climates, we do not foresee an immediate or a near future impact on our business. STN’s current facility was purpose built in 2004 and has a technical infrastructure that was build not only for our current business but with future expansion, keeping in mind opportunities to enter new markets moving beyond traditional broadcasting. With this in mind, STN has always had the capability to stay a step ahead. It’s already preparing for expansion on the land adjoining the current teleport.

STN has acquired a significant quantity of orbital slots and spectrum resources in recent years. How will the organisation make use of the space moving forward?

Andrej: It is true that STN has significant quantity of orbital slots on all prime and popular satellites providing coverage on different continents. STN has PoPs in a growing number of key broadcast centres around the globe with links to major data centres, and connectivity with worldwide fibre networks. It is with these resilient and powerful connections that we deliver and collect signals securely and with the highest quality from region to region and from continent to continent. Adjusting to growing demand for OTT services, introducing cloud based playout are only some of the latest service offerings with STN. This is of course in addition to an already vast array such as uplink, playout, encryption, multicast and channel localisation. Ongoing research and development means that preparation for new services is constant. Good business relationships, a strong sales team both office based and on the ground combined with informative marketing, keeps our current and potential clients informed of our service solutions and opportunities that could benefit their future plans. We see a huge potential to develop stronger partnerships and offer our services in Asia as this is a very strong and advance market. Here we see how STN could assist broadcasters expand their reach and build their businesses by touching base with viewers and new territories. Not only enabling them to attract audiences and grow revenues but to reach the Asian Diaspora living in various regions around the world, bringing them the feeling of home through programmes and language.