How broad is your media portfolio and how wide is your client base?

Andrej: STN is a Global Teleport that offers end to end service solutions for all broadcasting and media requirements and our clients are based and originate from all around the world. By offering a broad portfolio of media services including uplink, playout, OTT, encryption, multicast and channel localisation services, we enable a wide range of customers, from start-up channels to blue-chip global media leaders multiple options to deploy quality services. Our secure and reliable access to diverse distribution solutions allows channels to grow in whatever direction they choose. Whether the need is to reach an individual region or to build a global distribution network, STN’s cutting edge technology simplifies the most complex requirements. With client’s requirements always at the forefront, STN can seamlessly accommodate demand for increasing channels turnaround or timedependent project. How would you differentiate yourself from other satellite service providers? Andrej: Experience, knowledge and dedication to our business have made STN a trusted partner to hundreds of successful channels to date. Our clients are held in the very highest importance to us and each one is addressed with a one-to-one, informative consultation, starting from an enquiry through to the complete delivery of our service. Through our flexibility and fast service turnaround time we have enabled many clients with complex and time dependent projects to accelerate their channel launch to market faster providing them with the ability to attract audiences sooner and grow their revenues with optimum network efficiency. STN is able to maximise the broadcasting possibilities by utilising the most effective technology available on the market. It is STN’s cutting-edge technical infrastructure that affords complete peace of mind, as reliable, uninterrupted high-quality services are ensured.

Do you foresee competition from telecommunication service providers (in which areas)? How do you overcome them?