Last year, we launched a show My Brother is Zero, we try to see the multi-relations like a hierarchy. They learn something among themselves as if it’s self-automated sort of learning and socialising.

My Brother is Zero was very well received by not only children but adults as well. The young parents find the programme appealing. They can recall their own childhood and observe their children’s perspective of how difficult it is to have another brother or sister. It was broadcasted in 6 different countries including Singapore by Mediacorp and Japan by NHK last summer.

Baby on the Way season 1 has 6 episodes; season 2 has another 6 episodes. Two from last season were nominated at an international children’s programme festival. Last November, the Mongolian version was awarded the Japan Foundation Prize for promoting cultural diversity and understanding. The second season covers three different continents and will shine more light on cultural diversity.

We broadcasted all 6 episodes of Baby on the Way season 2 last December. This year we will produce season 3. We have been collaborating with a Chinese partner as their policies have changed from one child family to two children. They now desire to emphasise the importance of family relationship so they approached me to join the project. There will be 6 different countries in the third season with 2 episodes from China from two different families. My aim is to produce 6 episodes again to create a balance and one feature length documentary.

The first Baby on the Way shot in Singapore was the inaugural series. Singapore is the only place that hasn’t had a telecast yet so we’ve been in discussion with Mediacorp’s OKTO channel.