Exemplary of the diverse formats and presentation of Asian stories, the IMDA will be leading a delegation of 23 Singapore companies to the Hong Kong International Film and TV Market (FILMART), where it will present over 200 hours of film and television content across more than 60 titles.

2017 and Beyond (Film picks) | Upcoming film projects supported by the Singapore Film Commission

Blessed Reunion is an action film around a young female contract killer who returns to her hometown for her family’s Chinese New Year Reunion with an ulterior motive – only to find out that she, the hunter, is also the hunted. The film, produced by Weiyu Films, is currently in the pre-production and development phase. Wonder Boy is the biopic of acclaimed Singaporean singer-songwriter Dick Lee, loosely based on Lee’s childhood years that led to the release of his first album. Set in early 1970s Singapore, the film centres on a musically-inclined social outcast who starts his coming-of-age journey after he forms a band – The Wonder Boys. Produced by Bert Pictures & mm2 Entertainment, the film is slated for release in August 2017.

One Headlight绝世情歌 sets out to be a musical on an aspiring musician who goes on a road trip with his five-year-old niece, hoping to reunite her with her father. As they travel along the Taiwan coast to find clues about her father’s whereabouts, they bond over classic old songs. The film is currently being developed by mm2 Entertainment.

2017 and Beyond (Television picks)

Do It Together大家一起来 is an infotainment travel series featuring local communities from all over the world, including France, Finland, Guatemala, Nepal and Spain. Produced by August Pictures, the Mandarin programme spotlights the unique stories of ten different communities, and captures their community spirit as they come together to achieve various tasks. Take A Break, produced by Mediacorp, is a brand new travel programme that picks the best short holiday destinations, sharing itineraries on unique and lesser-known places that are worth venturing over the weekend. There will be something for every traveller – whether a solo sojourn, a romantic trip for two, a getaway with friends or a family vacation.