Jukin Media, the global entertainment company powered by user-generated video content, and ZOOMIN STUDIOS , the new production arm of MTG’s Zoomin, will be making their debut at Digital Fronts. They will join returning digital frontrunners AwesomenessTV, New Form, Studio 71 and Vice Media, who will also be showcasing their content to the MIPTV audience.


Alongside these digital studios, MIPTV will also feature a special spotlight on brands at the forefront of content creation that have launched their own studios. In a session entitled “Turning Brands into Content Studios” scheduled for April, David Beebe, VP Global Creative and Content Marketing, Marriott Intl. (USA), Valeriya Tsygankova, Project Manager, Wargaming (Russia), and Lou Arbetter, GM, PepsiCo Content Studio (USA) will explore how brands can no longer be around the content but must be the content in a world where the audience is more solicited than ever. This panel is part of an overall brands initiative at MIPTV.