October 2017

Editor's Note

  • Some interesting facts - playing catch-up in Asia

    I noticed that after 16 year of dominating broadcasters’ schedules around Asia, South Korean drama is penetrating the Western world and the Middle Eastern region. For example, CBS in the US has picked up Good Doctor from KBS for a local adaption – just one of a number of K-drama formats heading stateside in recent months. Turkish production houses have also started adaptation to Korean dramas two years ago.… Read More

The Edge

  • The premier problem of live-stream piracy

    The English Premier League (EPL) is one of the most valuable sports leagues of all time. This is in part due to the huge TV deals the EPL signs with broadcasters every three years. Highlighting the mammoth demand for world-class football, the EPL sold overseas rights for an impressive US$6.8bn in 2017. But for the TV rights holders purchasing those rights, we are starting to see threats to the enormous investments they’ve made, with issues of piracy hindering their revenues from live sports. With the next EPL season around the corner, why is piracy a challenge and what do content providers and broadcasters need to prioritise in order to protect themselves against the pirates? Christopher Schouten, Senior Product Marketing Director at NAGRA shares his views.… Read More

Country Focus

  • SKY & Vodafone end merger agreement

    POPULATION 4,570,579 TV HOUSEHOLDS 2,525,000 TV PENETRATION 99.3% HOUSEHOLD SIZE 2.8 PAY-TV PENETRATION 68.2% INTERNET USERS 4,780,000 INTERNET PENETRATION 94.6% BROADBAND SUBSCRIBERS 3,665,000 BROADBAND PENETRATION 42.6% MOBILE SUBSCRIBERS 5,027,000 MOBILE PENETRATION 135% MULTICHANNEL HOMES 980,000 MULTICHANNEL PENETRATION 68.2% NON-TERRESTRIAL TV CONNECTIONS 980,604 -New Zealand Population 2015 - World Population Review -New Zealand Media Stats, by NationMaster.com -Sky TV -New Zealand – Telecoms, Mobile, Broadband and Forecasts, by Buddecomm -Multichannel Television Advertising in Asia, by CASBAA -Internet in New Zealand, by Wikipedia -OECD Broadband Benchmarking results – June 2015 -Social, Digital & Mobile in APAC, by We Are Social Singapore -Asia Pacific Multichannel TV 2016 by CASBAA.… Read More

  • National Geographic launches world-first app in Australia

    POPULATION 23,933,832 TV HOUSEHOLDS 8,660,532 TV PENETRATION 100% HOUSEHOLD SIZE 3.5 CABLE TV PENETRATION 35.5% DTT PENETRATION 96.6% SATELLITE TV SUBSCRIBERS 100,000 MULTICHANNEL HOMES 3,000,000 MULTICHANNEL PENETRATION 36.5% NON-TERRESTRIAL TV CONNECTIONS 3,000,000 INTERNET PENETRATION 93.5% BROADBAND SUBSCRIBERS 12,570,122 INTERNET-CONNECTED TV PENETRATION 32% of households PVR PENETRATION 56.9% of households SMARTPHONE PENETRATION 77% of Australians aged 16+ TABLET DEVICE PENETRATION 48.2% of households OTT PENETRATION 168.577 -Asia Pacifi c Multichannel TV 2016, by CASBAA -Australian Bureau of Statistics -Australian Multi-Screen Report 4 Quarter 2016 from OzTAM -OzTAM Universe Estimates 2 Quarter 2016 – Individuals -Internet Live Stats, Internet Users by Country (2016) -Multichannel Television Advertising in Asia, Countries, Australia, by CASBAA -SNL Kagan APAC OTT.… Read More


  • Broadcasting in the Disruption Age

    What do Tanglin, Code of Law, Mata Mata, I Not Stupid, Crime Watch, Elle, 8 Days and iWeekly have in common? They are all TV shows, magazines published, produced or aired by divisions belonging to the Singapore media giant Mediacorp. The broadcaster has seven TV channels, 11 radio stations, digital assets and news studios, as well as numerous editing suites, all comfortably located on a 80,000m2 floor space, in a ship like structure (Noah’s Ark). The building is designed by award-winning Japanese architect Maki & Associates.… Read More

Genre Update

  • Nickelodeon

    Parent brand: Viacom Inc. Sub or Sibling brands: Nick Jr., MTV, Comedy Central and Paramount Channel Ownership in Asia-Pacific: Viacom International Media Networks Senior executives for Asia-Pacific: Syahrizan Mansor, Vice President, Nickelodeon Asia, Viacom International Media Networks.… Read More

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