The ACTF, following the local and international success of the Little Lunch series (26 x 12’), are launching two new Little Lunch Specials (2 x 24’) – a Halloween Special and a Graduation Day Special. Also launching is the new animated pre-school property, Balloon Barnyard (26 x 7’), commissioned by Disney Australia and is exceedingly cute. Beyond is showcasing two new series, new animated series Fanshaw & Crudnut (52 x 11’) about two bickering, badly behaved slugs from outer space and the new home renovation series Deadline Design (10 x 60’), hosted by interior designer Shaynna Blaze (The Block and Selling Houses Australia)

Escapade Media is bringing Asia’s own JC Tha Barber (13 x 30’ 4K), a new series that features celebrity barber to today’s hottest stars from the world of film, hip-hop, and professional sports. Rottnest & The Mystery Islands (2 x 60’ 4K), are Australia’s own Galapagos Islands and are the home of some of Australia’s unique and rarest animals, including the ‘selfie star’, the Quokka. Fred Media is launching 15 brand new programs, including returning seasons of hits including lifestyle series Miguel’s Feasts 2 (14×30’), The Renovation King 2 (13×30’), Travels with the Bondi Vet 3 (13×30’) and Man Space (13×30’).  UK’s Channel 4, Vet On The Hill 1-2 (30×60’), is back and will premiere this summer on Channel 9 in Australia.