Turning Mecard is an exciting new Korean series being introduced to children around the world by Mattel. Created by acclaimed animated content writer, Atsushi Maekawa (Yu-Gi-Oh!, Dragonball, and Bakugan), series 1 (52×30”) will roll out internationally with series two currently in production.


Turning Mecard is the #1 property in Korea since its launch in 2015 with broadcasters including KBS, Tooniverse, Daegyo, JEI and Animax.  Korean storytelling is currently riding high and is on-trend. There is a huge fanbase for Korean episodic and theatrical content that Mattel will leverage with the launch of Turning Mecard. The Appeal of the franchise is attributed to the unique combination of all popular play patterns (first of its kind combination) – from vehicle play to action figure play to battling card game play, all underpinned by magical transformations.