The player who does so gets a shot at winning a fabulous prize. But some unfortunate ones get their embarrassing secrets revealed. The questions alone are enough to leave the players wondering and debating. But two cunningly eloquent representatives, Mr True and Mr False, join in to sway their answers. Next in line is the new format The Character where 2D characters are the ultimate manifestation of their creators’ dreams and imaginations.

Nippon TV’s futuristic hit show The Character gives anime-aficionado celebrities the opportunity to develop characters that will spread love and joy to the world for ages to come. Combining their fresh ideas and passion with cutting edge Japanimation technology, these anime gurus bring to life two-dimensional characters that they nurture from concept to creation. With the ultimate goal of seeing their “babies” make a splash on the world stage, they oversee every detail of character design, character configuration, voice selection, theme music, dance choreography, music video production and 3D animation. On the drama, front is the Pretty Proofreader, a new series that follows twenty-eight-year-old Etsuko, the ultimate fashionista. Her lifelong dream is to become an editor for a fashion magazine.

After much searching, she finally secures an offer from a large publishing house, only to find out that she’s been assigned to the least glamorous department in the company—the proofreading department. She meticulously investigates every single issue, and it reflects on her unique proofreading style, which is so bold and daring that it leads to one trouble after another. Sony Pictures Television (SPT) Networks and Nippon Television Network Corporation’s joint venture jewel of Asian general entertainment the GEM is making head waves with more than 500 hours of Japanese content per year exclusively from Nippon TV.

The channel features first- Pretty Proofreader run and exclusive dramas, comedies and variety entertainment shows from Japan as well as other Asian territories including South Korea, China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. This also includes selected prime-time dramas on the same day and within the same week of their broadcast in Japan. “GEM was conceived to meet the growing demand for Japanese dramas and variety shows in Asia,” said Sony’s Virginia Lim, SVP and Head of Content Production and Marketing. “The partnership with Japan’s leading broadcaster Nippon TV has enabled the channel to amass many groundbreaking achievements in just its first year of launch. We have rapidly expanded our reach to six markets in Asia and have continuously delivered to our viewers the latest and most popular programmes express from Japan. GEM has brought to viewers several firsts – it was the first channel outside of Japan to broadcast Nippon TV’s annual music festival THE MUSIC DAY through a Live telecast, and the first channel to broadcast a drama – Guard Center 24 – at the same time as Japan.

“Aside from these express titles, GEM has ventured into original productions with We are Asia – Dean Fujioka & Friends, a travel infotainment programme shot across five Asian cities. We have also brought to viewers beyond-the-screen experiences through artiste-led promotional events in their home cities and money-can’t-buy access to studio sets in Japan. With this all achieved in just one year, we are looking forward to bringing more top-quality, premium programming and experiences to our viewers.”