The highlights of the show are, CTF Tower – Forth Bagley, Harbin Opera House – Ma Yanasong, Earthquake Resistant Tech – Kengo Kuma/Shigeru Ban, Newtown School – Abin Chaudhuri. CTF Tower is known for the world’s fastest tower and its’ architect Forth Bagley speaks about how China’s tastes are being more sophisticated in the future. The Harbin Opera House’s has a deep seated musical history which the northern Chinese city of Harbin needs for a cultural revival. Architect Ma Yansong tells CNN about this building’s ability to transform the future of an entire city and how he sees cities moving toward a more poetic relationship with their buildings.

Earthquake Resistant techs, Kengo Kuma and Shigeru Ban speak about how the classic pillars of Japanese design can be used to tackle Japan’s natural disasters and prepare all cities for the future. Architect of Newtown School, Abin Chaudhuri who known good design can help Kolkata to find its footing in the future.