Simon Trudelle
Simon Trudelle, NAGRA’s Senior Product Marketing Director

What new solution(s) is NAGRA rolling out?

intuiTV is an all-in-one solution that integrates almost all our products at NAGRA from the backend technology. It offers a hybrid platform, multi-screen capability, software in the set-top box (OpenTV technology), NAGRA security, EPG capability and more. We aggregated a whole list of meta data on the backend that we bring to the box.

It was developed by SmarDTV, a sister company of NAGRA within the Kudelski Group. They’re our providers of set-top boxes and conditional access modules that are popular in the Europe. The conditional access module usually gets inserted into a compatible TV. SmarDTV designed the intuiTV box and they have an innovative UI for the intuiTV. What’s innovative about this UI is that it’s a touch-sensitive remote control. So you swipe to tune and you also have a complete integration of linear TV channels, with VOD, catchup TV, network DVR and OTT services like Netflix or YouTube. It’s a very rich environment that brings all the content in one place to offer a simple and intuitive user experience.