January – March 2016

Managing Asia-Pacific

  • Angela Lee Making history in the factual world

    MAKE Production is among the world’s most successful exponents of the integration of factual and storytelling strategies. The multiple global awards winning production house has told the untold stories for broadcasters around the world. K. Dass speaks to MAKE’s Angela Lee.… Read More

  • Frank Smith Frank’s Factual Odyssey

    Factual audience has grown more sophisticated and discerning over the years and so as the production style, techniques and the range of storytelling devices says IFA’s Frank Smith who had 16 nominations at the 2015 Asian Television Awards. K. Dass speaks to the man behind the scene.… Read More

  • Yves Jeanneau Demand for factual is endless

    The power of storytelling has never been stronger in the documentary and factual market – and the jobs of commissioners and buyers who bring these stories back home to their channels has never been more challenging says the doc expert Yves Jeanneau. He stresses for the truth to be told in its original form by visually entertaining us. K. Dass finds out what’s lacking in Asian docs.… Read More

  • Dato’ Kamil Othman Malaysia – poised to grow its creative content industry

    The Malaysian government has placed a concerted effort on increasing the nation’s visibility in the media market. Taking it to the next level, the National Film Development Corporation Malaysia has also continued to increase its efforts in promoting this sector at various international content markets to showcase the quality and diversity of Malaysia’s content industry says Dato’ Kamil Othman, Director General of FINAS. By K. Dass.… Read More

The Edge

  • Bridging technology

    The rapid evolution of today’s audience consumption habits are resulting in an increase of fragmented viewers. Digital media has become a huge part of our lives, in the form of social media to the way we consume traditional media. Cheryl Soh speaks to Debbie Lee, Founder and CEO of Tech Storm, the consumer technology and entrepreneurship media platform that has grown rapidly in less than two years.… Read More

Country Focus

  • Inside China/Hong Kong

    According to IBISWorld’s TV & Radio Broadcasting market research report, China’s TV and Radio broadcasting industry is expected to increase at a yearly rate of 13.0%. The figure is driven by the accelerating convergence of telecommunications, internet, cable TV network operations and digitisation rate. Revenue in the industry is expected to increase by 9.8% from 2010 to $7.2 billion in 2015.… Read More


  • ASIA's Starlet event

    The organiser of HKFILMART is trying all expedients to make this an international premier TV and Film market. The event is already accepted as the key attraction among a group of other affairs in Asia. On top of that, HKFILMART is an efficient and well organised show with many conferences and seminars, and offers a one-stop shop for content distributors who cannot afford the time to travel across a vast Pacific Ocean area. K. Dass reports.… Read More

  • Netflix lands in Asia

    The global on-demand Internet television service Netflix finally made its highly anticipated debut in Singapore and many other parts in Asia. No matter how reasonable it’s priced, television buffs, including those who already access the U.S. version via a virtual private network (VPN) appear to be mixed. K. Dass investigates the arrival of the universal Internet TV network.… Read More

  • Factual encounter: the Asia-Pacific outlook

    Despite Asia-Pacific’s trove of quality programmes, Asian stories do not travel nearly as far as Western content today. Whether in the form of reality-factual entertainment or as a specialist, factual content entertains, educates and has what it takes to be much more. Cheryl Soh examines the factual scene in Asia-Pacific.… Read More

  • Broadcast Focus, 2016

    Broadcasters across the globe are hungry for new twists in the year of the Monkey. And, the Monkey may just deliver broadcasters’ expectation as new challenges can be overcome in 2016. Industry experts share their views with Television Asia Plus.… Read More

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