December 2016

Managing Asia-Pacific

  • Reaching the masses in APAC region

    With everyone producing some sort of content today – even user-generated content (UGC), some industry executives have predicted the bubble will soon burst with an oversupply of irrelevant content. Sony Pictures International, on the other hand, is offering different strokes to different folks in the Asia-Pacific region with its potpourri of shows such as Imaginary Mary (13x 30), Timeless (16 x 60) and The Halcyon (8 x 60) across all platforms. Ken Lo, SVP of Sony’s International Distribution sees a bullish market in the region and attributes it to the high quality of the content that Sony takes pride in producing over the years. K. Dass reports from MIPCOM 2016.… Read More

ATF Listings

  • ATF Listings 2016

    Looking for the available content sold at Asia TV Forum this year? Television Asia Plus prepares you with a list of titles presented at ATF. … Read More

Editor's Note

  • Upfront

    So as the next year unfolds, maybe some of these global giants might make their TV moves, overhauling the entire industry as they do. You might see some of them sniffing around the next MIP, looking for some shiny television baubles to hang on to their own, far more lucrative industries.… Read More

The Edge

Country Focus

  • Robust signs of growth

    The red dot on the global map is the regional hub of many international broadcasters and production houses. The nation itself has gone beyond producing content for television to exploring transmedia storytelling and new formats, extending the TV experience to multiple platforms.… Read More


  • Matchmaker

    Cultural similarities between Europe and Asia might not immediately spring to mind but it’s a curious aspect of the global television trade that such differences don’t always preclude co-production or programme sales. Amanda Groom managing director of the Bridge delivers a fast track to Asian advantage, delivering global digital and traditional media access and implementation across Asia. She has already successfully built and delivered innovative Pan-Asian / UK / US global co-production models for NGW, NGCI, DNI, Scripps Interactive Networks (including Cooking Channel and Food Network, EMEA) and, in the UK, with Channel 4 and S4C. K. Dass reports.… Read More

  • The making of: Cirque du Cambodia

    It’s difficult to believe the unpredictable circumstances that producers go through in pursuit of their passion for a factual encounter. Joel Gershon, a New Yorker who ventured into Cambodia in search of a possible factual story got more out of it. The young journal, producer and lecturer eventually spent 5 years fi lming and producing poverty stricken kids who took up circus to stay clean from drugs and crimes. His tagline: ‘From the rice field to the big time’ was literally what they have done. Joel tells K. Dass his big screen ambition when the funding comes in.… Read More

  • Asia’s largest robust media market

    The roaring intersection within the international and Asian media players has caused an interchange between the markets with opportunities becoming expeditiously viable in the industry. Thanussha Priyah reports.… Read More

  • Securing the best shows is a risky business

    In the crowded content market, in order to secure the best shows, distributors are pumping money into projects at an ever earlier stage. But is the increased risk-taking paying off? Several industry experts share their sentiments with K. Dass.… Read More

  • MIP to debut in Hangzhou

    Reed MIDEM, the organiser of international television industry events MIPTV and MIPCOM, has unveiled its’ plans to launch a new summit in China with the presence of distinguished media players. Thanussha Priyah reports.… Read More

CEO Profile

  • Infocomm Media Footprint

    The Asian film and television industry has seen strong growth, rising prominence, and international recognition of its talent and content. The newly-formed Singapore’s Info-communications Media Development Authority (IMDA) was established to keep pace with the growth in Asia and the rest of the world, further harnessing the opportunities arising from media convergence to spur new innovations in the media technology. Reputations are hard won and easily lost in the business world, yet many would argue that IMDA’s CEO Gabriel Lim has already achieved quasi-legendary status. Gabriel took over as Chief of MDA in 2015. By the end of 2016, he has amicably merged the info-communications and media arms of the country. IMDA’s Chief, Gabriel Lim, spells out his mantra for the industry as he tells K. Dass why the convergence was crucial and the opportunities ahead.… Read More

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