He adds, “The intrusion of digital media allows us to learn a lot from directly connecting to our audiences digitally. With it, we can make real-time decisions on positioning film marketing to our communities.”

As traditional media evolve as a result of more eyeballs being captured across different platforms, digital media plays a bigger part to the share of consumers than we think it does. To these young producers, although it provides greater opportunities, it also threatens them when competition rises to a staggering number.

“It is no longer an option, but a must to evolve with emerging technology and business trends, as well as content consumption habits of consumers. As a digital media company (WebTVAsia) that has strong foundation in content creation and IP exploitation, we always believe content is king and to win in this industry, one must be adaptable and be able to seize market opportunities quickly,” says Chong.

Although the opportunities are present, not everything is smooth-sailing. Producer at MAKE Productions, Angela Lee weighs in, “We work on a project by project basis. This means that cash flow can be lumpy and that is difficult for a start up company. Finding experienced professionals in a very small market is also a challenge.”

Lee carries on, “Looking forward, we will carry out our east meets west model and reach out to global audiences. Also, we will continue to create current affairs programmes with a fast turnaround which is our specialty.”

Determining factors that add up to the success of a said business is more varied as the means to access content grow. Businesses, young or seasoned, have to toughen up their competitive edge in order to survive in this trade.

“The key to our growth is having strategic alignments with strong platforms in the region and trying to build a strong digital strategy to incorporate as part of business investments moving forward,” Struys comments. “As a business, it is important to have a sustainable ecosystem of opportunities which can continue in the face of adversity with global and economic downturns.”

At the end of the day, the opportunities in the Asian scene are no doubt increasing. With Asian productions backed by various government and industry efforts, more are taking the chance to produce homegrown content that are rich in culture. It is Asia’s time to shine and we have to keep close with our eyes peeled.