Globo has licensed drama series Merciless to South Korea’s EPG media group. One of Globo’s highlights at Natpe 2015, the series premiere is set for November. This is the Brazilian broadcaster’s second production in ultra-high definition that has been licensed to a foreign market.

Continuing its partnership with Globo, EPG has additionally picked up the feature film Time and the Wind, also in 4K. Not long before this deal, the Korean group had already acquired the rights to the entire 2015 catalogue of Globo’s feature films: Trust, ‘The Invisible Woman’, ‘Men Are From Mars… And That’s Where I’m Going!’, ‘The Party Crashers’, as well as the 2014 Emmy-winning telenovela ‘Precious Pearl’.

The plot of ‘Merciless’ revolves around serial killer Edu (Bruno Gagliasso, ‘The Enchanted Tale’). This is the first series entirely recorded and post-produced in 4K, or ultra-high definition technology, which offers four times more pixels than HD filming and provides better definition and image quality, all of which makes the experience of following a series even more engaging and exciting. It is as if the audience were watching the killer’s and his victims’ reactions from an arm’s length.