The mini-game will be launched on the Sony Pictures Korea Facebook page from 22 June to 19 July. Users are required to sign in with their Facebook account to participate in the competition, which ends with a visit to the Pixels movie website. The template for the mini-game will be based on ‘Spot the Difference’, where users will need to spot the difference between 2 Pixels’ movie posters and the top 20 participants on the event leader board will be awarded various attractive prizes.      

Advent of Advergames

Since its introduction in 1995, advergaming or ‘advertising through games’ has risen in popularity due to the proliferation of smartphones and the acceptance of playing mobile games. According to Danielle Hrin Kuek, Producer, M-BIZ Global, the Southeast Asia market is a burgeoning market for advergaming, with industry estimations computing the market worth at US$84 million in 2014. This is expected to increase between 17 to 19 percent on an annual basis in the region.