The look and feel of Twitter’s new Asia-Pacific headquarters in Singapore

There are two unique design elements in Twitter’s new Asia Pacific headquarters:

  • An art installation wall designed by the students of LASALLE College of the Arts to showcase Twitter’s core values and the first Tweets from each of the official country accounts. Symbolising connectivity and the company’s geographical reach, a single blue piece of twine links the capital cities across the region to form the outline of Twitter’s logo with Singapore at the heart of the Twitter bird.
  • The #RealTimeLab is a social media centre of excellence to create, execute and share live Twitter campaigns, analytics and data visualisations with customers, partners and the community. In addition, key cultural moments from around the region are highlighted, including national elections, sporting events, entertainment shows and disaster responses.

The new office was designed with both Twitter and Singapore in mind:

  • There are elements of Singapore’s heritage incorporated throughout the interior design, including Peranakan wall and floor tiles, nostalgic old-style doors and windows, 1970s wall grilles, bricks and furniture.
  • As a reflection of Twitter’s role as a platform for live, public conversations, the office has a large Commons area for events of up to 100 people, while many work areas throughout the office were built for group discussions, including The Library.
  • The #LoveWhereYouWork neon hashtag, Twitter vending machine, Tweet wall and birdhouses around the office emphasise the company’s iconic brand. All the rooms are also named after birds from across the region, including Emu the boardroom.

Twitter’s #Home4Good celebrations in Singapore

In addition to the office opening ceremony, the company organised other #Home4Good activities to celebrate the special occasion with the local community, including:

  • #TweetHunt office tours to showcase the company culture and work environment that make Twitter one of the best companies to work for
  • #TweetTalks for power users, advertisers and agencies to share their experiences on the platform
  • #Twitter4Women event with top women leaders in Singapore to discuss the use of Twitter for professional and personal development
  • An evening function for Twitter friends including an #Auction4Good for @TwitterSG graffiti artwork and #Bites4Good to get Ben & Jerry’s ice cream cones, with donations from both activities going to charity
  • As a sign of appreciation to our customers and partners, there will be live Twitter experiences with #TweetAMani for free manicures and #TweetAMassage for free backrubs during the evening function
  • #Twitter4Good partnership with the Media Literacy Council, relevant government bodies and NGOs to hold an upcoming workshop to promote safe and responsible use of social media in Singapore.