New York – Do you want to know how to make money from art, or turn a hobby into a retirement plan?  Enjoy Style-spiration Sundays on Fashion One, the premier global fashion, entertainment and lifestyle broadcaster, as it explores the world of Art and Design from every perspective. Enter the world of self-expression and trend up yourself. Be prepared to be inspired!

Art and Design is a 6-episode special feature, produced by a[n]d in collaboration with Fashion One that showcases incredible works of art and design. From sculptures to tattoos, photography to smartphone art, learn what inspires artists and designers, and be uplifted by the dedication they have to their craft.  With stories from all over the world, this is more than a show about art and design; this is a way of living!

Art and Design, premiered 14 June with a new episode every Sunday at 8.30pm (GMT+8), exclusively on Fashion One.

Episode list:

Episode 1

What is convention and what is taboo? From coveted glamour pieces to provocative displays, be ready to open your senses as we showcase the art in fashion from a Swiss artist working with high heel shoes, excessively colourful abstract paintings made in Australia, but inspired from the world, a signature art fair in Singapore, and a display of Living Sculptures from two tireless veterans of the art world.

Episode 2

Art is borderless. From city museums to the city streets, discover each culture’s identity as we take a stroll into Yogyakarta’s and Melbourne’s modern day art hubs. See artists freezing the moment by ‘freezing the light’ to magnify how we see art and society!

Episode 3