Docunexion : Quebec-France 2015-2016

A bridge for your interactive stories.

Docunexion: Quebec-France Makila RIDM

Makila, a Montreal-based production coop, launches Docunexion: Quebec-France 2015-2016 in collaboration with the Montreal International Documentary Festival (RIDM) and Sunny Side of the Doc to strengthen the cooperation, the co-creation and the co-production of documentary interactive projects between Quebec and France.

This cultural exchange aims to foster and expand the already existing ties between the two territories through workshops, case studies and opportunities that allow producers of non linear projects from both sides of the ocean to connect and share their knowledge and their experiences.

Docunexion: @Sunny Side of the Doc 2015

At Sunny Side of the Doc 2015, five French interactive projects will be presented to a jury of French and Quebec experts. The five projects were selected through the French regional calls for projects.

  • Sea is my country, produced by Les Films du Balibari and Once Upon (Prize Moov’iN 2014 / Aquitaine)
  • Waiting Leo, produced by Ladybirds Fictions (Pole Digital Grand Paris)
  • Find me in Kakuma, produced by Zero Driving Production (Pictanovo)
  • Heroes of Marseilles – Marseille, the city which I am the hero, produced by Tabasco Video (PRIMI)
  • Characters, produced by Les Films Du Square (Imaginove)

The jury will select a winning project that will be invited to attend RIDM / Doc Circuit Montreal, 2015.

Sunny Side of the Doc 2015 Sunny Lab offers a specific programme allowing all participants to move towards new forms of participatory and digital narratives, and explore viable economic opportunities.

In addition to a focus on transmedia production in Canada, France, the Nordic countries, and Germany, there will be pitching sessions, panels and case studies about interactive documentaries, transmedia devices, all marked with a cutting edge approach. Sunny Lab will be a space for innovation at the heart of the exhibition hall of Sunny side of the doc.

@ RIDM 2015

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