Tokyo – Global Agenda is a new programme within NHK WORLD TV. World opinion leaders discuss various issues facing Japan and the rest of the world today.

In the first series of the programme, panellists discuss whether Japan, as the “Made in Japan” brand, can ever regain its strength. The panellists analyse the issues that need to be overcome to achieve the goal, as Japan is currently struggling in this increasingly competitive global environment.

Filming takes place on 2 April. The forum will be held at Japan Society in New York City, and it is open to the public.



Bill Emmott (Journalist, former Editor-In-Chief of The Economist)

In his publication “The Sun Also Rises”, a 13-year-veteran editor of the world leading magazine states that we will see a recovery of Japan’s economic power.


Jesper Koll (Japan Strategist)

Being a strategist residing in Japan for almost 30 years, he has been consistently ranked one of the top Japan strategists/economists.