Mumbai − Jeremy Wade, freshwater detective, biologist and extreme angler, is breaking the surface and diving into the lairs of aquatic beasts with a new season of the River Monsters.

Animal Planet’s best-performing series ever for five years is back, and biologist and extreme angler Jeremy Wade is taking viewers along on the mysterious adventure of a lifetime.  This May, the month-long exploration starts on 4 May at 8pm with a two-hour special called Amazon Titanic.  Re-told by witnesses and passengers who survived the sinking of the Sobra Santos, it’s a horrific and poignant story of one of the Amazon’s largest maritime disasters.  That night, as many as 200 passengers lost their lives, and something in the water is being blamed for many of the deaths. Wade is hell bent on finding out what is was… or is.

River Monsters will air Monday to Friday from 8pm to 10pm, all through May on Animal Planet.

This season is one of Wade’s most challenging.  He travels to locations so remote to solve mysteries so bizarre that he must dedicate an entire year in South America to catch the freshwater culprits thought to be behind human attacks. From the politically charged intersection of Brazil, Colombia and Peru, to the remote and secluded home of a rainforest tribe, Wade is crisscrossing the continent to tackle each incident and reel in each dangerous catch. While freshwater fish are normally on his suspects list, on one hunt, he forgoes rod and reel going deep underwater into a creature’s lair to catch the culprit that is most definitely not a fish!  Jeremy also investigates tales of the legendary Loch Ness monster in Ireland.

“I’ve been fishing the world for decades, but it’s the Amazon that keeps calling me back,” noted Jeremy Wade.  “Now, I’m returning to solve the mission of a lifetime to spend an entire year going farther, deeper and more remote than I’ve even been before.”

The month-long series is packed with thrilling mysteries that include the following episodes:

Amazon Titanic: After more than 200 passengers perished on a river boat on a pitch-black night and rumors circulated that something picked off survivors in the water as they attempted to get to shore, Wade is on the hunt to find out exactly what fish was behind this massive attack.