Jakarta – New research released at CASBAA’s Indonesia in View 2015 conference explored funding links between the banned gambling and pornography industries, and the online piracy websites they use to attract young viewers. 

During a panel discussion titled, “Following the Money: Who is profiting from the growth of online piracy in Indonesia”, speakers  considered a 2014 research study by a professor at Massey University in Auckland which found that 84% of advertisements on pirate websites in Indonesia are for “high risk” services, including gambling, sexual services, financial scams, and malware.

The panel discussion was a highlight of the Indonesia in View 2015 conference held by CASBAA – the Association of the Asian pay-TV industry –  which featured an impressive roster of panellists and covered a wide-range of issues surrounding the growth of the TV industry in one of Asia’s largest and most dynamic markets.   

Panellists were unanimous that one of the greatest threats to healthy development of the television industry was the rapid growth of online piracy, alongside prevalence of more “traditional” cable piracy in Indonesia’s provinces. The report was presented by Joe Welch, Co-Chairman of CASBAA’s Regulatory and Antipiracy Committee, and discussed by CASBAA’s Chief Policy Officer John Medeiros, Agus Mulyanto, Chairman of the Indonesian Association of Multimedia Providers (APMI), and Neil Gane, Executive Director of the Asia-Pacific Internet Centre, Motion Picture Association.

“The research results were surprising,” said Medeiros. “Indonesia is a socially conservative country, and we did not expect to find such a preponderance of socially unacceptable services funding content piracy to use as a lure to attract Indonesian viewers.” He noted that the largest share of the ads was from gambling websites, many based offshore, clearly targeting Indonesia as a vulnerable market.