October 2015

Country Focus

  • A Slice of Japanese Television

    While TV programmes vary from station to station, some generalisations can be made. Most commercial television stations start between the hours of 4:00 am and 5:00 am every morning. Early morning hours are dominated by news programmes and they are replaced by late morning shows that target housewives. Drama and information programmes soon start to target the same age group. The “Golden Hour” of TV shows starts at 7:00pm to 9:00pm where TV stations pour the most resources.... Read More

CEO Profile


  • Joining The Game

    Priscilla Hendriks speaks to some of the industry players on the rash of acquisitions that has been taking place the past few years and the driving forces behind them.... Read More

  • Turkish delight at MIPCOM 2015

    With a sanguine domestic television business and a fast-growing export market, Turkey is the focus of today’s MIPCOM – Country of Honour. K. Dass examines the Turkish content phenomenon.... Read More

  • Brands take the lead

    Branded entertainment has evolved rapidly in the last four to five years and is already taking the television and TV commercials by storm. Unaware to many in the industry, brand-involvement in production has become a new business-model that producers are embracing. By K. Dass.... Read More

The Edge

  • Put Programmatic TV to Work for You Today

    Ooyala helps deliver content that connects. A U.S.-based subsidiary of Telstra, Ooyala’s comprehensive suite of offerings includes one of the world’s largest premium video platforms and a leading ad serving solution. Built with superior analytics capabilities and a strong commitment to customers’ success, Ooyala’s industry-leading end-to-end solutions help large-scale broadcasters, operators, media companies, enterprises and brands build more engaged and more profi table audiences. Some of the most successful and innovative media companies in the world rely on Ooyala’s solution.... Read More

Genre Update

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