Singapore – Singapore-based Yummi Media Group (Yummi), a digital media company specialising in the creation of premium interactive content for second screen engagement, has announced an exclusive licensing and partnership agreement with Wanda cinema chain in China, to enable the country’s growing number of cinema-goers to access movies and interactive content from its new mobile app, WeDong.

Known as ‘cinime’ outside of China, the app uses Yummi’s proprietary platform, PHONIX, which enables audiences to use their smart phones to interact and engage with content on the big screen without the need for a cellular or Wi-Fi connection. Much of the US$40 million funding has gone into developing the PHONIX platform which is being rolled out globally by the company.

To date some US$40 million has been invested in the development of Yummi with funding from PT Tan, the Chairman of Falcon Energy Group, a Singapore listed oil-field company.

According to PT Tan, Chairman of Yummi Media Group, “This partnership with Wanda adds 15% of the world’s total cinema screens to Yummi’s rapidly expanding global cinema network. This is a milestone deal that not only empowers an increasingly mobile-savvy Chinese population with access to Yummi’s mobile cinema app but also welcomes Wanda, the world’s largest cinema owner, into the Yummi universe.”


In response to the growing momentum of demand for mobile-rich content in China, Alastair Simpson, CEO of Yummi Media Group, said, “Interactivity and audience engagement are at the heart of everything we do and we are applying this philosophy to the cinema sector on a global scale. We are extending the reach and effectiveness of cinema as a medium by creating an international network of strategic partnerships and achieving a critical mass of users who consider mobile as their ‘ultimate cinema companion’.

“Through WeDong/cinime and our international partnerships, we have created an added value proposition for consumers, content providers and advertisers who are all engaging in deeper relationships within the immersive environment of cinema – using the mobile device as an interactive connector before, during and after the cinema visit.”


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