Your Inner Fish, the first science television series from Tangled Bank Studios, in collaboration with UK production company Windfall Films, has won a raft of top industry awards. The recognition includes honours from the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), the Wildscreen Film Festival and the Jackson Hole Science Media Awards. The critically acclaimed series, based on the book of the same name by palaeontologist Dr. Neil Shubin, premiered on PBS in April 2014.

Offered by the world’s largest general scientific society, this award recognises “scientists, journalists, and public servants for significant contributions to science and to the public’s understanding of science.” The series took honours at Wildscreen in October, winning the Science Award as well as a Special Jury Award for what the jury called “the most engaging exploration of evolution since Life on Earth.” Also in October, the series garnered awards for writing, Best Life Sciences Programme and Best Limited Series from the Jackson Hole symposium, topping off the exceptional recognition Tangled Bank Studios’ has received for their inaugural entry into popular science television programming.

Tangled Bank Studios is a cornerstone of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute’s television and film production initiative and, as such, an extension of HHMI’s longstanding commitment to science education. Footage from Tangled Bank Studios films is also used to create short films freely distributed to educators through HHMI’s award-winning educational media programme, BioInteractive.

Michael Rosenfeld, Head of Television and Film at Tangled Bank Studios, said, “HHMI’s focus on scientific authenticity and education is a powerful guiding force for our films. The success of Your Inner Fish, among audiences as well as awards juries, suggests there’s still an appetite for deep science content on television.”

The series aired as a featured part of PBS’ successful science and natural history “Think Wednesday” lineup.