The event will be streaming live on Nico Nico Douga, Ustream and YouTube.


Takeshi Kitano

Born in Tokyo in 1947, and made his directorial debut with Violent Cop in 1989. In 1997, he won the Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival with his Fireworks. It was the first time for a Japanese film to win the award in 39 years. In 1999, Kikujiro was officially entered in the Competition section of the Cannes International Film Festival. He was also the special professor of the Graduate School of Visual Arts and the head of films at the Tokyo University of the Arts between 2005 and 2008. At the 64th Venice International Film Festival in 2007, a new award, “Glory to the Filmmaker!”, was established, named after the film, Glory to the Filmmaker!, directed by Kitano. In 2008 Kitano was given the Lifetime Achievement Award at the 30th Moscow International Film Festival. His filmography includes: A Scene at the Sea (1991); Sonatine (1993); Kids Return (1996); Brother (2001); Zatoichi (2003); Outrage (2010) and Outrage Beyond (2012)

Pia Film Festival (PFF)

PFF has a competition, the PFF Award, for young artists who dream of becoming film directors. TIFF has strengthened collaboration with PFF. This year, five award-winning films of the 2014 PFF will be shown during the TIFF.

The 4th Japan Student Film Festival

Grand Prix winner films of three major student film festivals in Japan, including Tokyo Student Film Festival, TOHO Cinemas Student Film Festival, and Kyoto International Student Film Festival to be screened during TIFF. Audience can experience cutting edge contents developed by students in Japan.