Haut et Court TV and July-August Productions to develop a new, 10×60’ ecological & psychological thriller/drama series, Rubber Ducks, co-developed with Tandem, it was announced by Caroline Benjo, Managing Director, Haut et Court TV (Les Revenants). Exclusive worldwide distribution will also be handled by Tandem. 

A fictionalised story based on an actual experiment undertaken by NASA, Rubber Ducks explores ideas of ecological change not only on the environment but also on human behaviour. In 2008, NASA embarked on a low-tech experiment, dropping 90 rubber duck toys through holes in a Greenland glacier, trying to track how the Arctic icecap is melting. Hoping the rubber ducks would find their way into channels beneath the hard-packed surface, scientists planned to track the flow of melting water into the ocean. Lost without a trace, the ducks pop up ten years later in unlikely isolated communities where the inhabitants are directly affected, in unexpected ways. Everything starts to change: emotions, relationships, love, sex, how we live and how we die. Could the impending catastrophe be more than climactic? 

Benjo said, “Following the path of The Returned’s new take on a genre, we are thrilled to be producing this amazing high concept/ character-driven series, playing with the viewers expectations like any great modern TV storytelling — entertaining, complex, frightening and funny at the same time, while scrutinising our modern world’s intimate idiosyncrasies through the most fascinating events.”

July-August Productions’ Eilon Ratzkovsky added, “Yael Hedaya’s ability to merge our innermost thoughts and feelings with global scale environmental disorders will surely bring something fresh to our TV screens. The more we dig into this concept, the more fascinated we get.”