Hong Kong – CASBAA and SNL Kagan conducted an informative webinar detailing how upstart OTT providers are taking on traditional multichannel providers in the fight for Asia Pacific’s video customers.

“CASBAA is excited to have this opportunity to partner with SNL Kagan to help provide essential information to our members about the expanding TV Everywhere and OTT streams in the broadcast industry,” said Christopher Slaughter, CEO, CASBAA. “Their expertise, in-depth analysis, and proprietary data on the constantly evolving media and communications business provided invaluable insights for the webinar’s attendees.”

During the webinar, SNL Kagan analyst Wangxing Zhao examined key trends for OTT subscriber and revenue growth on a global scale, and identified key metrics that signal high probability of OTT adoption in specific markets. In addition, Zhao discussed how operator-led TV Everywhere/Multiscreen services were positioned to grow revenue opportunities for distributors and programmers, while fending off new competition from Over-The-Top (OTT) Subscription Video on Demand (SVoD) and catch-up TV websites.

Defined as web-sourced video accessible via the open Internet regardless of broadband network, OTT is taking on traditional multichannel providers with diversified revenue models including advertising, SVoD, premium rental, and download-to-own.

Based on a series of indicators for TV and telecom sectors on both market size and device/service penetration, the top-ranking countries in Asia Pacific for OTT viability are South Korea, Japan, China, Australia and Taiwan. Other factors, such as well-established telecom infrastructure, an open regulatory environment, diverse international content, strong local broadcaster presence, and residential purchasing power, can also boost OTT viability.