Zodiak Rights, the international division of Zodiak Media, has signed a new first-look development deal with French production company Memento and will take their programming to MIPCOM.

The first programmes to come out of the deal from the Memento portfolio are The Insider (Planete A & E, 6 x 60’) and Aircraft (Planete, 3 x 60’) which will both be launched at MIPCOM.

The Insider is a new documentary series that showcases the training practices of the most prestigious military units on the planet. It features Alain Figlarz, an international stuntman, training with the elite Special Forces from around the world including Israel, Singapore and France. He investigates what drives the professionals to join an elite team and how they mange, against so many odds, to successfully complete the course.

Aircraft showcases extraordinary planes, the teams who man them, and the amazing missions they carry out. Across the series it features unique aeroplanes from Western Europe, Ukraine and the U.S.

In addition to the above titles Memento are also producing Italy’s Secret Deal (France 5, 1 x 60’) which is an explosive documentary looking at the links between the Mafia, the Italian government and the CIA.

Andreas Lemos, VP Acquisitions, Zodiak Rights London said, “We are thrilled to be working with Memento Films, who have a proven track record with broadcasters around the world and are experts in producing high impact, adrenaline-fuelled series fully orientated towards the international market. With The Insider, Memento have found a huge talent in Alain Figlarz (stunt star of Taken and The Bourne Identity films) and we look forward to developing many more projects with him and Memento.”

Stephane Rybojad, President, Memento said, We are very happy to be working with Zodiak Rights. Zodiak is a great opportunity and the ideal partner for the international market for Memento. We are closely developing several action series. This partnership allows us to develop more ambitious projects.”

First-look producers represented by Zodiak Rights include; 999: What’s Your Emergency? (6 x 60’ Channel 4) production company Blast! Films, Bristol-based Oblong Films, acclaimed film-maker Sue Bourne’s  Wellpark Productions, Manchester-based Nine Lives Media, Special Edition Films, StoryVault Films and the RTS Award winning Minnow Films (Best Single Documentary 7/7: One Day In London – BBC Two, 1 x 90’).

Zodiak Rights owns the distribution rights for both the format and finished shows to Memento programming.