Hasselt, Belgium — Zappware announced important updates to its end-to-end platform for DVB, IPTV, OTT and hybrid networks. 

Zappware’s platform provides an intuitive and consistent user interface across all networks and devices, combined with a powerful service management system to fully monetize all TV services. 

New service management system

Built on top of a new content management system, the platform’s service management system now provides operators with a straightforward tool to manage content, create business rules, manage subscribers, create marketing campaigns and analyze user behavior. 


Added features

The following features have recently been added to the Zappware platform:

  • Using the new social TV feature, operators can let their users connect around TV by providing them the opportunity to share new discoveries on Facebook and Twitter at the click of a button. Zappware also provides a complete Facebook App on set-top boxes.
  • In order to further monetize their services, operators can now send messages directly to subscribers and create promotion screens on all devices. Also, feature licenses can be created to sell additional features as a separate product.
  • The Zappware platform now allows for cloud recording (network PVR) on all second screen devices.
  • With remote control, mobile users can take full control of their TV screen.
  • A variety of personalization improvements have been made. The platform offers a uniform search across all devices. Users can create playlists or favorite lists of events, assets and channels. Users of iOS and Android mobile devices can now be reminded of upcoming TV programs through the devices’ notification center.
  • Furthermore, shortened startup times on mobile devices and improved UI animations have boosted the overall user experience. 

These developments add to Zappware’s existing platform features such as time-shifted viewing (TSV), local & cloud recording, restart TV, catch-up TV and video on-demand (VOD).