Mumbai – The second season of the award winning series, The Power of Shunya: Quest for Zero, is back on television to showcase inspiring stories of India’s most visionary companies and people who are using science powered solutions to not only address but also eliminate, or drive to shunya, some of the critical challenges facing a growing India.

India has the highest illiteracy rate of any country in the world. Addressing this challenge next week, episode three will reflect on the challenges faced by the education system in India. The next episode will throw light on how important it is to introduce an innovative system of learning in India and how these newer and better innovations in science and technology will drive availability and accessibility of education in India, securing the future our youth in the country.

The programme kick started with a successful premiere unleashing some innovative solutions in episode one that tackled the challenge of pollution, India is facing today. Episode two showcased some exciting and groundbreaking modern day solutions with an endeavor to change the face of India’s healthcare sector. To watch past episodes, log on to the program website at and discover Shunya on Facebook and Twitter: and @PowerofShunya.