Amsterdam — At IBC 2014 Globecast is launching Media Factory, offering broadcasters and content providers a converged workflow to prepare and playout content, pulling together the company’s highly evolved global expertise across the content and channel preparation sectors

Globecast Media Factory Singapore MCR

The result of significant investment in its media management platform, Media Factory is part of Globecast’s ongoing wider media management strategy and allows the company to more efficiently support broadcasters, enabling better management and localisation of content for multiple delivery platforms and territories.

Media Factory goes beyond traditional media management, logistics and playout services. It replaces multiple, siloed operations, rationalising them to create a single, efficient process that handles everything from VoD preparation and content formatting through to creative services, quality control and compliance. Media Factory allows Globecast to pass on economies of scale to customers who also benefit from the greater flexibility and the ability to scale up and down as required.