The format is a must-see TV event with a blend of traditional quiz and a unique style of questioning where anything can happen. Heaven or Hell is a brilliantly promotable and hilarious gameshow in which contestants need to be fearless and game for a challenge. Anyone winning on Heaven or Hell is sure to have been to Hell and back.

Celebrity Name Game

FremantleMedia will test audience’s celebrity knowledge with the launch of Celebrity Name Game. Originally developed by Courteney Cox and David Arquette, the format is co-produced by FremantleMedia North America and Debmar-Mercury. This celebrity packed, quick-thinking gameshow combines the best of pop culture with laugh-out-loud comedy as celebrities team up with contestants to identify famous names including actors, singers, athletes, pop culture figures, politicians and even cartoon characters, using only improvised clues. Debuting as a daily strip in the US this September, Celebrity Name Game is on track to deliver huge laughs and huge audiences with a host of celebrity guests.

My Mom Cooks Better Than Yours

My Mom Cooks Better Than Yours, produced by Mandarina in Spain, will be cooking up a storm at MIPCOM 2014. The fast-paced culinary gameshow combines cooking, competition and family dynamics in the ultimate recipe for success. A comedy of cooking errors and kitchen calamities are guaranteed when two teams, a Mother and their culinary challenged son or daughter, compete against one another for a tasty cash prize. With the clock ticking, tempers can soon start to boil-over as the contestant has to listen carefully to their mom who is watching – and interfering – from the sidelines. If things start to go wrong the Mom can push a ‘panic button’ which allows them to intervene, but it also makes the time wind down twice as fast. Once each team has had their turn, a food critic blind tastes both dishes and reveals which contestant’s ‘mom cooks better.’ A cooking show with a secret ingredient, My Mom Cooks Better Than Yours broadcasts daily on Cuatro and is in its third series.

Last up is Virtually Famous, an inventive new panel show format. From globally famous viral memes and twitter rants, to the greatest YouTube posts and Vine shorts, three rival teams battle it out for points over the online moments that have got millions of us laughing. The stars behind the classic clips will also be celebrated with special guest appearances from some of the creators of the online content. Virtually Famous is originated by FremantleMedia owned Talkback and Hungry Bear Media, and was originally produced for E4 in the UK where it is hosted by Glee star Kevin McHale.