Leading independent Israeli developer and distributor Armoza Formats and top French broadcaster TF1 have announced the launch of their new prime time format The People’s Choice. The format is an outcome of a strategic co-development partnership between the two, and will be presented to the international market at MIPCOM.

The People’s Choice (60’) takes audience engagement to the next level  and tests how well we know our nation by presenting viewers with the most trending, thought-provoking and entertaining dilemmas – a week without showering or without their smartphone? World peace or $1 million? Once the nation has made its choice live, participants in the studio must guess what the entire country chose. And it’s open to everyone – not only can the whole nation play, but everyone who does also has the chance to win cash prizes.

The People’s Choice takes prime time entertainment to the level of event TV, translating the essential experience of social media to a TV show.