Actress Grazi Massafera, lead actress in Caribbean Flower, produced by Globo, and Tainá Müller, also starring in the telenovela, delighted the Portuguese audience during their recent visit to Lisbon to celebrate the show’s success in the country. On August 19, Grazi Massafera participated in a press conference at Globo’s headquarters and explained how she prepared to play her character, Ester.

Grazi Massafera

Tainá Müller participated in a press conference at the headquarters of SIC, the channel that is currently airing the telenovela Em Família, and spoke about her characters in both of Globo telenovelas.

Tainá Müller

Caribbean Flower, a top feature of the Brazilian broadcaster for the 2014 MIPCOM, has been registering record numbers since its premiere on the Globo channel in Portugal, reaching 179,000 viewers and a 5.9% share. The telenovela, aired in the 8pm time slot to the Portuguese audience, was also licensed to Latin American countries, South Korea and, more recently, Hungary.

Written by Walter Negrão, author of Destiny River, and nominated for the 2012 International Emmy Award, Caribbean Flower is the story of Cassiano (Henri Castell, Gabriela) and Ester (Grazi Massafera, Pages of Life), a couple who have been in love with each other since their youth, and who see their lives turned upside down when they suffer a treacherous blow from Alberto (Igor Rickli), a fake friend who manages to get his competitor out of the way and fulfill his secret wish: to marry Ester.

The telenovela’s cast includes talented actors and actresses, such as Juca de Oliveira, Débora Nascimento, Thiago Martins, Bruno Gissoni (Brazil Avenue), Daniela Escobar (The Clone), Sthefany Brito (The Life We Lead), Suzana Pires, Laura Cardoso (Gabriela), and Sérgio Mamberti (The Illusionist), among others. The show also includes the participation of foreign actors Moro Anghileri and Jean Pierre Noher, from Argentina, and Cesar Troncoso, from Uruguay.