Love is Calling is a daily studio-based live dating show for people looking for marriage partners. The hopeful candidates draw from an unlimited number of potential matches because the search pool extends across the country. The candidates are introduced to the audience at the beginning of the show. They briefly introduce themselves, talk about the qualities they are looking for in a marriage partner and then take their places in the studio. The host arrives and the show starts. TV viewers can register online or by phone to meet the singles in the studio. Once in the studio, the new suitor must impress the singleton from behind a wall. If the contestant is interested in the suitor, they go on a date. If the date is not a success, the singleton comes back to the show until they finally find a love match!

“Global Agency has many formats in its catalogue, and Love is Calling is one that we believe will make a strong debut in the market and will be a fantastic hit in Germany. I am sure after its launch in German, it will thrive around the world with huge success. Love is Calling is a fun, vibrant, upbeat show with big potential in the industry, and it will air live which makes it quite intriguing and exciting. I’d also like to emphasize that we are really pleased to be working with Constantin Entertainment once again,” said Izzet Pinto, CEO of Global Agency.

Herve Hubert from France has also optioned “Love Is Calling”.