Beijing, China – Fuji Television, the largest commercial Japanese TV station, announced on August 8 to commence internet-based distribution throughout China the co-developed drama, Mysterious Summer (15 episodes), produced by Fuji TV and iQiyi. This is the first time and a very unique situation where a Japanese TV station allies itself with a Chinese distributor to co-produce an original drama series.

The deal signals Fuji TV’s creativity and predominance in drama production crossing borders, also its ability to generate additional revenue internationally in new markets and demographics.

One-of-a-kind co-production between China and Japan

Mysterious Summer is a co-production drama series between Fuji TV (Japan) director/producer, and iQiyi (China), featuring up-and-coming Chinese performers. The entire series (15 x 30’) is shot in Beijing.

Mysterious Summer is an omnibus series with a different character leading each episode, all straying into a bizarre and “mysterious world” with an unpredictable ending. The final episode features Yuki Furukawa, an extremely popular Japanese actor in China. Yuki’s feature drama Mischievous Kiss was distributed in China last spring simultaneously to its broadcast in Japan, and immediately became an online hit exceeding fifty million views total. His SNS followers count over a million in China proving his overwhelming popularity as he is frequently referred to as the “Male God” by his fans.

World Premiere in Beijing

World premiere of Mysterious Summer was held on the 6th at the Solana Saga Cinema in Beijing. The episodes received raving reviews from over a hundred journalists and 40 lucky fans who won an invite.